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Julep – October 2012

2012 September 30

Just got my October box (actually it came yesterday but I didn’t check the mail until today) and I didn’t think I’d like it nearly as much as I thought!
I had my niece help me chose and she thought the ‘It Girl’ was the best one. I have to agree. The crackle isn’t my favorite but I’m kind of excited to try it. Caroline is a Burgundy and it is GORGEOUS! I adore red polishes and I can’t tell you how much I love this. It’s so dark it’s almost black.
Next up is Leslie a black with a silver sparkle. I like it but I recently got something similar that I like a lot more. The formula is really nice, goes on well and has a great gloss. I can see myself wearing it a lot.
Glenda is the crackle and is a pretty silver. Its fun, I only tried a couple nails and took it off. I wasn’t in a crackle mood.

I got an add-on for being a first timer and I chose Eloise, a pretty creamy blue.

They sent 2 pots of nail glitter that I haven’t found out how to use yet. One black one orange. Should be fun though!

I’ll add photos later, I just wanted to get my thoughts out as quick as possible.

Hacked! (plus an update)

2012 May 24
by admin

Apparently I was hacked. I have hopefully fixed the issue but I’ll keep checking to make sure. I took a pit of a hiatus and have been doing some project work at PSU the last few months. I’m doing telephone interviews and It’s actually a lot of fun but I don’t think I could do it 40 hours a week 52 weeks a year. I’ve been lucky I haven’t been screamed at but being hung up on or talked to in a snotty way gets really bothersome after a while. I have realized just how much I miss working in an office though and the academic setting is exciting. We really take for granted our work relationships and just how important they are.

I’ve updated my resume with the new information and I’m not 100% satisfied with how it looks, the new info throws off the formatting so it looks odd but it’s current work and that seems to be more important these days. Anyway HERE is is. Enjoy!

OSBridge 2011

2011 August 8

So I was going to write up OSBridge before OSCON but it didn’t happen so here it is!


Ok for those of you not in the know OSBridge is : “Open Source Bridge is a conference for developers working with open source technologies and for people interested in learning the open source way. ”

When I first started working for Slate Technologies Chris (O’Rourke, one of the owners) tells me “Don’t come to the office tomorrow go to the convention center and volunteer at OSBridge.” This was my third week and I still hadn’t gotten down what we actually DID yet (we were doing more than just web design and development at the time) and I had no idea what OSBridge was or could be. I went and they had me on the info desk and I did my best to answer questions, luckily most of them were about where to eat or where to find the bathrooms and if they were to do with the conference I’d figured out where to direct them. This started my love affair with the Open Source Community, and not just because I’d met a lot of the people attending but because the people I hadn’t met were just as amazing. I’m not a programer and I’m not a tech person in the skill set but it’s the community I find myself the most at home in.

Needless to say I volunteered in 2010 and again this year and I love every minute of it. Since I don’t have much need for the sessions I’m always available at the registration desk, I get to meet everyone and answer all questions, I adore it, so it works out for everyone.

This year was great, it was at The Eliot Center, a great venue downtown that I’d never even heard of but will recommend to everyone looking. The organizers did a great job on everything. there was amazing food every day, it was vegan/vegetarian and they had gluten free options as well. It was interesting to hear people complain about the lack of meat, I don’t think they realize how much more expensive it is to have meat, and when you do you can’t just have 1 kind you have to have minimum of 2 and then a veggie option which always runs out first and there are a lot of people who wind up buying their own meals when they paid to have a meal. Ok I’m ranting just a little, but it was interesting to see how it all played out. One of the sponser parties had fancy meat and cheese plates that were pretty but even though I am an omnivore it was all pork based meats and I don’t eat pork so it was kind of a bummer for me and made me realize how glad I was that the food was meatless, and really really good!

The best part about this years OSBridge was the people and the way the venue allowed it to feel like it should, a community. Here are some photos from this year.



Press for Stuff

2011 June 28
by admin

The Oregonian did a nice write up on Stuff. Check it out!

Projects I love!

2011 June 10
by admin

There are so many exciting things going on right now. Stuff is playing at Living Room Theaters June 17. I’m not sure how long it’s playing so you should get in and see it if you haven’t already.

The other exciting thing is my friend Travis’s Kickstarter funding his short film “The World of Missing Persons” launched today. He’s already halfway to his goal… That’s how excited other people are about it too! Wow they’ve raised another $1000 since I looked at it last! You have 29 days to pledge money to back the project. Not only will you have the chance to support the local film industry here in Portland but you are getting a glimpse into what the future holds. I can’t wait to see him accept his Academy Award someday.

If you want to see what else Portland has looking for funding the City of Portland – Office of Mayor Sam Adams has a page where they hand pick projects to promote and they rotate so it’s not just the same few.

Go out and support the local arts, you will feel better knowing you are helping.

On the Hunt

2011 May 13
by Shelley

I had 2 interviews yesterday, one with a temp service and one that is pretty much perfect for me. I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up and just take it one step at a time but it’s so hard when you are so excited about a job. I think this is the hardest part about Job Hunting.

Any suggestions on how to make it easier?

Aprill 22, 2011

2011 April 22
by admin

Today is Earth Day, and it reminds me of when I worked at Ferguson Enterprises and was on the Sustainability team. We got a lot of things together bt the only two I can remember was having ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ playing in one of the managers offices and my craft project I ran. I had people bring in old magazines, ribbons, yarn, and other craft things and I took soup cans that people brought for lunch and were done with and made pencil holders. Not as many people outside my friends participated but we had fun doing it. I still have mine too.

Thinking about working for Ferguson and the sustainability team reminds me of participating in the Westside Transportation Alliances Commuter Challenge in 2007. We did pretty well for our size. I think we were in 4th place for medium sized businesses. One of the participants from our office won the big prize of a buss pass for a year. That felt really good!  It’s funny the good things we forget but when we remember it’s like finding gold at the end of a rainbow. It’ll definitely make my day brighter knowing I was a part of that.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Conference Season

2011 April 21
by admin

I missed Innotech today. I’m terribly sad but when you are sick you are sick right? So now I’m looking at attending #140 Conference NW

Silicon Florist has written it up here and it looks like a lot of fun! See you there!

Innotech 2011

2011 April 20
by admin

Tomorrow is Innotech Oregon and I get to go again! Hope to see you there with my fancy new Moo cards! I got the mini cards for an exciting twist.

Stuff Update

2011 April 20
by admin

I was able to work with Lawrence Johnson on his wonderful film Stuff through my position with Slate Technologies and I’m excited to give you some updates!
The film won the Special Jury Award for Documentary Filmmaking at the 2011 Florida Film Festival ! Congratulations and I’m excited to hear more of this news!

You can keep up with other exciting Stuff news at the facebook page.