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Aprill 22, 2011

2011 April 22
by admin

Today is Earth Day, and it reminds me of when I worked at Ferguson Enterprises and was on the Sustainability team. We got a lot of things together bt the only two I can remember was having ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ playing in one of the managers offices and my craft project I ran. I had people bring in old magazines, ribbons, yarn, and other craft things and I took soup cans that people brought for lunch and were done with and made pencil holders. Not as many people outside my friends participated but we had fun doing it. I still have mine too.

Thinking about working for Ferguson and the sustainability team reminds me of participating in the Westside Transportation Alliances Commuter Challenge in 2007. We did pretty well for our size. I think we were in 4th place for medium sized businesses. One of the participants from our office won the big prize of a buss pass for a year. That felt really good!  It’s funny the good things we forget but when we remember it’s like finding gold at the end of a rainbow. It’ll definitely make my day brighter knowing I was a part of that.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

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