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OSBridge 2011

2011 August 8

So I was going to write up OSBridge before OSCON but it didn’t happen so here it is!


Ok for those of you not in the know OSBridge is : “Open Source Bridge is a conference for developers working with open source technologies and for people interested in learning the open source way. “

When I first started working for Slate Technologies Chris (O’Rourke, one of the owners) tells me “Don’t come to the office tomorrow go to the convention center and volunteer at OSBridge.” This was my third week and I still hadn’t gotten down what we actually DID yet (we were doing more than just web design and development at the time) and I had no idea what OSBridge was or could be. I went and they had me on the info desk and I did my best to answer questions, luckily most of them were about where to eat or where to find the bathrooms and if they were to do with the conference I’d figured out where to direct them. This started my love affair with the Open Source Community, and not just because I’d met a lot of the people attending but because the people I hadn’t met were just as amazing. I’m not a programer and I’m not a tech person in the skill set but it’s the community I find myself the most at home in.

Needless to say I volunteered in 2010 and again this year and I love every minute of it. Since I don’t have much need for the sessions I’m always available at the registration desk, I get to meet everyone and answer all questions, I adore it, so it works out for everyone.

This year was great, it was at The Eliot Center, a great venue downtown that I’d never even heard of but will recommend to everyone looking. The organizers did a great job on everything. there was amazing food every day, it was vegan/vegetarian and they had gluten free options as well. It was interesting to hear people complain about the lack of meat, I don’t think they realize how much more expensive it is to have meat, and when you do you can’t just have 1 kind you have to have minimum of 2 and then a veggie option which always runs out first and there are a lot of people who wind up buying their own meals when they paid to have a meal. Ok I’m ranting just a little, but it was interesting to see how it all played out. One of the sponser parties had fancy meat and cheese plates that were pretty but even though I am an omnivore it was all pork based meats and I don’t eat pork so it was kind of a bummer for me and made me realize how glad I was that the food was meatless, and really really good!

The best part about this years OSBridge was the people and the way the venue allowed it to feel like it should, a community. Here are some photos from this year.



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