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New/Old Content!

2011 April 20
by admin

I re-added content from my days at Slate Technology for a little background on the work i was honored to do while I was there. Sadly they are no more but the memories are many and cherished.

The event you have all been waiting for!

2010 November 16
by Shelley

So here is my first attempt at making this my “Please Hire Me” site. You can download my resume here and ask questions if you have any. Obviously this is just a rough throwing it up there. I’ll have something better going soon.
It all takes time!
My Resume

CV… on its way!

2010 October 7
by admin

Please wait patiently for my CV to be here soon!

– Shelley

Latest Press release for “Film Stuff for Stuff the Film”

2010 May 25
by Shelley

The latest Press Release:

May 24th, 2010. Portland, Oregon. Oregon filmmaker Lawrence Johnson is taking an unusual approach to raising money for his film, and pulling Oregon’s film community together in the process. Johnson is launching a new on-line auction website offering art associated with Oregon films or filmmakers. The auction will go live at Film Stuff for Stuff the Film, an event on June 10th at the Ace Hotel Cleaners. There will be a $10 donation for admission.

Proceeds will benefit the Media Arts Education Fund administered by the Oregon Media Production Association and the film Stuff by Lawrence Johnson, a personal documentary about the death of the filmmaker’s father and all the stuff he left behind. Stuff received an Oregon Media Arts Fellowship in 2008 and a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council. A percentage of the proceeds will also go to Film Action Oregon, a non-profit organization, supporting working artists, educating emerging filmmakers and engaging diverse audiences at the Hollywood Theater.

The auction site will offer photos, collectibles, storyboards, signed posters, paintings and drawings by artists such as Gus Van Sant, the Pander Brothers, Rose Bond, Chel White and Zak Margolis. More than just a fundraiser, Johnson hopes the site will become a market place for Oregon film workers to offer their products.

On-line auction bids will close at the event and on-line simultaneously and some items will be offered only at the event. Some unusual offerings include a surreal painting by Jim Blashfield, and an original signed poster by Shepard Fairey, the artist of the famous Obama Hope poster. Also, there are signed storyboards from the train scene of Gus Van Sant’s Paranoid Park, painted film frames from Rose Bond’s Mallacht Macha, a prop from James Westby’s Film Geek, and a dress designed by Project Runway designer Janeane Marie.

The event will feature appearances by indie actors and directors, sneak previews of upcoming Oregon indie films and entertainment by composer Cal Scott and sound designer Richard Moore.

Director Lawrence Johnson is a veteran of the Oregon film community, making films in Oregon since 1985. Many of his films have been seen on Oregon Public Broadcasting, including Hand Game-the Native North American Game of Power and Chance, a feature documentary about Native gambling. Johnson has developed a national reputation for historical and cultural documentary work for museums, producing films for the Smithsonian Institution, the Oregon History Museum, and the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. He won the Golden Muse Award from the American Association of Museums, and his work has played at numerous film festivals.

In Stuff Johnson relates his personal odyssey through a crisis of identity fueled by his father’s death, and the process of sorting and distributing the garage-sized storage unit full of the stuff his father left behind. The film also follows the filmmaker’s longtime friend, who in coming to terms with his own father’s death, drives to a small farm town in Iowa to bury his father’s ashes. Part road movie, part meditation, Stuff is an intimate and unflinching examination of the relationship of parents and their grown-up children.

The auction site is administered by a new web development company Slate Technologies. Find it at Find out more about the movie Stuff at

Film Stuff for Stuff the Film

2010 May 25

Our big auction event for Stuff is getting close! We’ve been having so much fun working on it. I had the pleasure of viewing some of the art up close and personal and it’s beautiful!

Tickets go on sale SOON! (We’ll let you know when)

I was really excited to see that my favorite Portland artist (Chris Haberman) created the poster. We all met to go over the game plan and I had to stop myself from getting so excited over all the amazing artists contributing. (also known as “Fan girling”)

We are so excited about this, I hope we see you there!

The Facebook event invite is: Film Stuff for Stuff the Film

Write up in the Mercury for the art show!

2010 March 10
by Shelley

How exciting is this?

Clicky click for the show deets in the Mercury!

I’m More Than My Day Job

2010 March 9
by Shelley

Exciting Week!

We are getting the office all set up for the art show on Friday. Will we see you there?

The flyers came out fantastic! Thanks so much the Keith Svihovec for the beautiful design.

We made a video for Konvo!

2010 February 13
by admin

We have this great video for on of the many projects we are promoting.

It was so much fun to do! Take a look!

Radio Recording!

2010 February 5
by Shelley

It’s up! Click Click Click to hear us on the RADIO! <3

Thanks again to 94/7 and Gustav for allowing us to come into the studio and share our music! <3

Link to the Playlist on the 94/7 website

  1. White Rabbits “Percussion Gun”
  2. Iron & Wine “Such Great Heights”
  3. Dead Man’s Bones “Pa Pa Power”
  4. Radiohead “Fake Plastic Trees”
  5. Queen “Don’t Stop Me Now”

So Much FUN!

2010 February 4
by Shelley

Elaine and I got to be on the Radio yesterday and oh man it was great. I have a recording of the show and I’ll post it soon, just have to figure the best way…

We were nervous but it turned out to be even better than we anticipated. It felt pretty natural. I wish I had thought of the fact that you can’t talk over other people, it’s not like a normal conversation in that way.